Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sex Dreams and Nathan Fillion

So, my typical sex dream involves a mutual attraction between myself and a hot guy, we then try to get it on but are thwarted at every turn (weird scene changes, people interrupting, the apocalypse, whatever). This is extremely annoying to me, but hey. Apparently my subconscious feels it's horniness is thwarted, a lot...? I dunno.

Anyway, apparently Monday night my mind was very into the fact that I would have an episode of Heroes and an episode of Castle waiting for me the next day. Because in succession I had two dreams; one involving the actors who play Peter (don't know his name) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) where my sexual escapades were not thwarted but we were just flirting very suggestively with each other (as far as I remember...I do recall touching Zach's shoulder and giving him one of those *looks* at some point). We were at a party together, and I was feeling very good about myself, lookin hot, being witty, etc. I recall there was no jealousy sort of thing going on either, they were both cool with me hitting on the other or both at the same time. This was fun and fulfilling in an attention seeking/esteem boosting sort of way.

I switched from that scenario to a far more direct dream about Nathan Fillion (Mal, Castle, Captain Hammer?), where as per usual attempts to get it on were thwarted by the intrusions of other people and random scenery changes. On the upside we did manage to make out which was awesome and also to actually have sex for a time before getting interrupted. That's extremely successful for me. I don't remember too much of it beyond that point except that we were in some sort of abandoned building that reminded me vaguely of a spa and our clothes stayed on (I was wearing a very short skirt...).


Then this morning, I had a dream that I went on a Whedon cruise of some kind (like the Firefly one I heard about last year), pretty sure it was a Dr. Horrible one because NPH was there and so was Felicia Day, I think (and of course Nathan Fillion, who my dream yet again centered around). So it started off tame enough I was all fan girl and trying to start up a conversation with NPH or NF who were both nearby. I do recall exchanging good humored words with NPH (*squee*) then I caught NF's eye (in that way). But then (random scene change) it was like we already knew each other, and we were kind of wandering around the ship together (looking for a good spot to "get to know each other better"), and then we were making out. Nice.

The most vivid thing I remember is that I tripped at some point on some stairs(?) and he helped me up and then kind of hugged me and we were both laughing really hard with relief that I didn't fall to my death or something. I distinctly remember I could feel the muscles of his shoulders and back underneath my hands and it really turned me on. Unfortunately about the time we were trying to get into the main party area were everyone important to the movie was (I saw Joss!) I woke up.

So, apparently I find cheesiness really hot? :P Cuz seriously, if there's one thing that Nathan Fillion is, it's cheesy (and hot).

I find this especially amusing because hubby and I joke that he and NF were separated at birth (they weren't, Nate is older and an Aries...but they're both fire signs! [hubby's a Leo like me]) because they look a lot alike and are very similar in personality in many ways. I'm sure there's something to be psycho-analyzed in there but... I'm not in that sort of mood.

Anyway, in honor of my fun nights lately I post my favorite picture of Nathan: