Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Some thoughts...

It felt rushed but then that’s inevitable, all the movies have felt rushed.

I saw this on a blog post at flip flopping joy and agreed: “I feel like I’ve been left in the middle of the bed post-foreplay, sitting up and holding up my hands like, “where’s my climax?””

Thing is, I can’t remember if I felt the same way at the end of the book too, or not. I had the 7th book right there to dive into, and I remember I read those two in a matter of three days.

One thing I didn’t think it did very well was show how attached Harry got to the “Half Blood Prince”. Though I found that rather odd in the book myself, it was a pretty important piece. Snape’s revelation at the end wasn’t nearly so jarring as it should have been because of the lack of that, I thought.

Also, lacking the revelations about Voldy didn't work for me.

And the shoe tying thing was just…off. It seemed completely out of left field and felt all wrong. Harry was always attracted to Ginny's presence as powerful, and that was like the exact opposite of that, yet it was the most sexually charged scene as far as the filming went. Very awkward.

She and he holding out against the Death Eaters at the beginning was far more appropo and far as building sexual tension along with respect between them, which is, you know, accurate.

Another thing, what was with the ending? There was supposed to be like, a fight scene? That's what movies are really good for, fight scenes, but they rather cut it out? That just makes no sense.

Just overall...very dissatisfied, and this is the first movie where I felt so.