Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Round up of the week!

Family of woman killed in crash getting hate calls, apparently people are assuming she might be an illegal immigrant because, well, you know, her last name is "Hispanic" sounding.

stuff white people do: think of asians in terms of faceless hordes

Rape In Prison Should Not Be Part Of The Punishment

Whom Can We Touch

Dear Andrea Dworkin

The Burkha Rapper

forced sterilization in africa

Salud, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson: Speak A Good Word

Michael Jackson, Celebrity, Empathy, and the Culture of Silence

Another Trans Woman Joins the Remembering Our Dead List

The Matthew Sheppard Foundation Does Not Want Perez Hiltons Money

People why are you sitting idly by, Iran has become Palestine

Plea For Homebirth

Alleged serial rapist of prostitutes caught

A Note On The Food
So I've been eating rancid food all week. I'll admit it's more than little strange that it took be about five days to figure it out, but if you listen to the story Dear Reader, you'll probably agree that I'm not entirely at fault.

In an instant an entire childhood with full cupboards changed, and I was a nineteen-year-old girl whose parents cut off her food supply, who couldn’t even get a job washing dishes, and at the same time as they started refusing to tell me they loved me without qualifiers and started with “you can never have a family,” I learned that the garbage is a pretty decent place to get a bite to eat.

Scooters and Road Rage

Cis is hostile terminology? Really?

On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there)

The Fear of Feminism
The tag attached to the book was from the US Department of Homeland Security


Pink Saturday: party or police state?

Seattle: Cops Bust Massive Anti-Corporate Pride Criminal Dance Party

Pregnancy As a Sign of Intimate Partner Abuse

Black, Paranoid and Absolutely Right

Professor returns from Chiapas to write life story about Mexican woman

Latino’s born to midwives will no longer be denied passports