Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's that time of the week!

And you know, I have to say, I have some especially good stuff for you this week!

balcony culture and community art

stuff white people do: think that black people are loud

breasts and beer

a pregnant Muslim woman who was stabbed to death in a german courtroom as her young son watched.

“Women’s only,” round 1000

Black Kids Change The Complexion Of A Pool

More on: Cirila Baltazar Cruz and The Plight Of The Unworthy

Spiritual Empowerment of Women

at the center

stuff white people do: keep their jobs on fox news no matter what they say

My First Abortion Party

In nursing homes, black residents receiving worse care than white residents

Transphobic Assault on a Woman in Queens
It’s worth noting that the physical attack on Carmella began with a verbal attack based in the exact same prejudices found in the comment thread. Both aim to ridicule and thereby devalue the victim based on her identity as a person. And we really shouldn’t be surprised when these kinds of attempts to devalue a person’s worth and right to be treated with basic dignity also lead to and end in violence.

Fuck Your Fascist Body Standards (And Also Face-Devouring Bread Mold, Because That's Just Scary)
I don’t think the answer is to say, “I am unpleasant to look at, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Even that guy who had most of his face devoured by some kind of face-devouring strain of bread mold has a wife who enjoys looking at him. She changed her ideas of what is aesthetically pleasing, and we can do the same for ourselves. We NEED to do the same for ourselves for our own fucking sanity.

Lower Male Enlisted Soldiers And The Idea Of The Whore

Eco-Tourism : Where Native Service is Part of the Experience

Racializing Uighurs: The Story of Internal Colonialism in China

Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearing preparedness…

Malia Called A Typical Street Whore At The Free Republic

Now that’s what I call a surgeon general

Opening Day Of DeLee Trial

What About Our Legacy?