Monday, December 01, 2008

Astrological Update

Once again from Astrobarry, my favorite astrological forecaster.

As of tomorrow (Wed Nov 26), Pluto is back in Capricorn to stay. To review, Capricorn is a sign of structure and authority, symbolizing that which we build and sustain over time as part of our strategy to realize the goals we set. Only, when left to concretize and harden too crustily over time, such structures become way too inflexible, punitive or unfairly weighted to benefit one group at the expense of others. Enter Pluto, destructive and transformative force, to dig up the rotting foundation boards upon which our central authoritative systems are resting. Over the coming decade-and-a-half, Pluto will force us to glare straight into the face of all the inequities, the sweat labor, the exploitation and violence that fueled these massive accumulations of wealth and power among a select few.

At the same time, Saturn and Uranus continue their opposition, first exact on Election Day and remaining within orb another three years. As we've already seen, the Saturn-Uranus opposition pits pragmatic conservatism against radical freedom… a dialogue that we all share responsibility for keeping in balance, lest one side dominate and crush the other's legitimate voice.

But these astro-events don't exist in a bubble... and as 2008 feeds into 2009, we'll begin to see the convergence of (1) Pluto-in-Capricorn's intensifying pressure on governments and financial institutions to purge their shadowy dark sides and (2) the Saturn-opposing-Uranus need to incorporate revolutionary change into our traditional way of life, without going so far as to topple whatever tentative stability we're able to maintain.
As I see it, the events of 2010 onward will be a direct response to how adequately we can include genuinely progressive innovations into the existing social contract, with an eye toward giving the people more personal benefits education! health care! a clean environment!) from the manners of governance… rather than, say, continuing to rob money and labor from the average worker to pay for top executives' luxury goods.

Civilized society is, at its base, an agreement—each citizen provides his piece, and the governing bodies provide something in return. And at any point, one party can dissolve the agreement if its needs aren't being met by the terms. The less amount of real people-power change we actually put into practice over the next year or two, the more devastating the consequences to the centralized authority, once the people vent their hostile fed-up-ness.

Read it all, there's lots more.

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