Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Time for a Round Up

I've been virtually out of action for a while, barely keeping up on my current events board and studying for finals (as well as reading Harry Potter, my brain rejoiced at the break). So now I'm going through my Reader and there is so much to share, I figured my little side widget just won't do this time.

She's been up to her usual challenging brilliance but in my catching up with Womanist Musings I was most moved by Renee's post about her son "Destruction" and how people's responses to him have changed as he grew up.

Want to know what Bush is up to as he gets ready to leave the White House? I found an answer through Feministe.

There's a new CD hitting the interwebz on January 1st called Speak! and it features the singing and spoken word (among other things I gather) of some of our favorite radical womyn of color from the blogosphere.

From ms. cripchick:
"I had the honor of joining radical women of color (many of who are your favorite bloggers, BrownFemiPower, Black Amazon, Little Light, Mamita Mala, Sudy, Nadia, and sooo many more) in putting together an amazing album that chronicles experiences around struggle, love, motherhood, redemption, healing and community. You can cop the CD in January, along with a zine and listening party curriculum, so be prepared! More details to come soon but stay on this— there are only 200 copies currently available. This is an effort towards sustainability and self-funding and all proceeds from this album will go to supporting mamis wanting to attend the Allied Media Conference next summer. Album will be offered on a sliding scale."

The Wild Hunt talks more about Pagan - Christian dialogue and religious pluralism.

Babeland's blog says if you like it then you shoulda put a (cock) ring on it.

Monica of TransGriot tells us why she can't stand the "Gay is the New Black" slogan, and newsflash, neither can I.

La Macha at Bitch Blogs talks about how Fat girls don't do that!

Yolanda at The Kitchen Table expresses her concerns about Caroline Kennedy representing New York state as a Senator.

los anjalis takes a moment on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to acknowledge how much it is not being lived up to in my home state.

Vivir Latino brings to light the rules Bush hastened to make against the mostly Latin@ migrant farmworker industry as well as an appalling story of NY police beating a public school kid for bringing a cell phone on campus.

In a related story, Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican spreads the word about a NY/NJ Spanish Language ICE Raid Rapid Response Hotline. This is really useful, it's incredibly important that everyone living in the U.S. know their rights!

That's it for now, I still have over three hundred posts to look through though. So as I catch up I will probably be doing another one of these. :)