Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekly Links That Are Too Important to Just Go In My Widget

I think this will become weekly! We'll see...

From TransGriot a letter to the new policy adviser to Barney Frank, "Dear Diego." I hope he hears you Monica.

Bint point to why "gay marriage" is the wrong issue. I want to echo her call not to let us (social justice activists) be divided and conquered by the opposition.

Renee talks about the shooting of Leeneshia Edwards another black transwoman in Memphis meeting violence.

The Angry Black Woman takes on the dictionary. I'm with her on this, it may be a useful took but it is not the end all and be all of "what words mean" to anyone. And just because your definition isn't in it doesn't invalidate that definition either.

Recently Emma Bee Bernstein of the GirlDrive blog and book project passed away in Italy. RIP Emma. :(