Friday, December 19, 2008

Yay more links!

Weekly Immigration Wire from The Unapologetic Mexican

Vivir Latino: Are Latin@s Being Targeted?

Vivir Latino: A Way That Latin@s are Targeted

The Angry Black Woman: NPR Cancels News and Notes


On Bettie Page :(

Audre Lorde, Carol Hanisch, Sadomasochism, Free Love, and Feminism from Let Them Eat Pro-SM Feminist Safe Spaces.

"A Crime Against Society": Rape in the Congo from The Nation, c/o The Diary of an Anxious Black Woman.

Cara at The Curvature asks, Why is Victim a dirty word?

A story out of Gaza from Bastard Logic

Ultra Violet: Dogs and women not allowed.

Trans Group Blog considers the potential of Diego Sanchez being named senior adviser to Barney Frank

A woman in Georgia is arrested as she's leaving a court for refusing to take off her head scarf.

Internation Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers from Better Burn That Dress Sister.

HIV Researchers Make Critical Discovery for Women.

From Renee again, If you're a [12 year old!] black girl you must be a prostitute, a horrific story.

At guerrilla mama medicine we are asked to consider the definition of motherhood.

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