Sunday, February 01, 2009

Revenge of the Feminist Cat Collective

This afternoon when I whipped out my Google Reader to joyfully see what brilliance people are popping out today, I came upon a horrifying post from the usually brilliant Renee, at Womanist Musings. She claims that:
I pointed out through twitter to Cara that by privileging cats, no matter how cute the little fur balls are, we are creating a hierarchy of oppressions. The suffering of dogs needs to be realized.

What she clearly fails to take account of is that dogs don't CARE that they are trained to serve their masters, they LIKE it that way! Anyone who has been around a dog for any length of time can tell they are at their happiest when their master is happy, and want little else in life than some favorable attention from her. They do not suffer, the way in which we train them is in line with their inborn nature and makes them happy!

Just because we get our paper or slippers fetched for us through such training doesn't mean the training is for OUR benefit!

And further on her true colors come out, she isn't in this for the emancipation of dogs from the oh-so-oppressive shackles of human companionship, but simply taking advantage of a chance to justify her cat-hating-bigotry!
hey hey ho ho feminist cat lovers have got to go.

Shocking behavior!

To make it worse, others are rallying to her cause! Both season of the bitch and Jill at Feministe have joined this so-called "Feminist Coalition of Dog Lovers". I beg my readers not to be lulled into a false sense of security by their rhetoric of inclusiveness and warm fuzzy feelings about dogs; make no mistake, they will settle for nothing less than a replacement of the coveted Feminist Cat with a drooling, dirty, smelly canine of Patriarchy!

Join in solidarity with Cara and I, fight this scourge! Fight for the right for Feminists everywhere to be linked with the animal that used to be worshipped as a God, not the animal that greets you by sticking it's nose in your cooch*!

Yes, some of the pictures of dogs you might see if you follow these links might be fuzzy, might be cute. But what is cuter, this:
Or this?

*(Honestly, is any more proof than this needed to show they are nothing more than a tool of the Patriarchy??)