Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Are You Calling Radical?

This is a call I saw at Lisa's My Ecdysis which I wanted to pass on.

Are we capable of this?
Who You Calling Radical?
Conversations and analysis of media justice,
dynamics of race and racism, activism, and difference
by womyn of color and radical womyn of color.
Guidelines: Choose a question to engage, or draft a question and answer in the comments section. All questions and thought processes by womyn of color bloggers and writers who have previously or presently participated in the blogosphere, are welcome.

I am also proposing a continuation of this thread/conversation at the
Allied Media Conference in Detroit, Michigan July 16 -1 19, 2009.

Let's engage.

With as much love and directness as possible, can we come to the beginning of a series of conversations that our explore our differences and widen the table at which we all sit – as readers, writers, bloggers, and activists of color?

What does the word radical mean to you, either as a self-descriptor, or as a descriptor for others with whom you do not identify? What implications does it carry? How/has it been reclaimed?

What is media justice and media reform? What are their points of tension? Points of potential collaboration?

How does engagement with feminism divide us? Help us collaborate?

What do you envision when the word “collaborate” is used in reference to White feminists? What experiences shape your perspective?