Monday, February 23, 2009

Save Sexuality and Gender Studies

Via Babeland Blogs

Have you ever taken a class on sexuality, queer studies, women’s studies or gender issues? Or just liked knowing that if you want to you can?

Departments and courses in sexuality and gender studies are under attack– from legislators who are using the economic crisis to push an anti-sex agenda.

At Florida Atlantic University, the administration is trying to suspend the Women’s Studies degree and Master’s program. In Georgia, legislators Charlice Byrd and Calvin Hill inaccurately implied that “disgusting” courses were being taught on oral sex and male prostitution at Georgia State University. According to a UG spokesperson a professor there “is a nationally and internationally recognized scholar and the material he is studying is an internationally recognized field of the role of homosexuals in society, particularly as it relates to the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and the impacts those have on public policy.”

Sexuality and gender are legitimate fields of academic study. Research in the field contributes to policies, programs and interventions based on facts, not fears and stereotypes. Plus those sex & gender classes are mind-opening and fun.

Please sign the petition to save sexuality studies. And if you want more info on this and other sex-related news, check out the revamped site at the National Sexuality Resource Center.