Thursday, February 05, 2009

What Have I Learned?

I'm almost through my second week back at school, what have I learned so far?

The history of slavery in this country had far more complicated beginnings than I would have thought, and if only the "masters" hadn't realized that "christian" servants might join with slaves to better their situations and exploited this, we might have had our first intersectional coalition a long, long time ago. Also, I get now how suburbs ended up the way they are.

Bonobos are fucking cool. Also, I have a ton of ammunition from other animal kingdoms against the ridiculousness that is Essentialism.

The Irish history that got written down, does not follow very linearly. But that teacher still reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris, just adorable.

Kimberle Crenshaw is fucking brilliant, and now I have a ton of ready statistics to whip out and slap idiots across the face with. Also, there's a whole lot of loaded history behind the word "resistance" but I still like it an awful lot, and don't think I conceptualize it like it used to be utilized (from the little we went over about that part). I disagree strongly that we should get rid of it as a concept, it simply needs to be intersectionalized.

That's it for this week.