Saturday, November 10, 2007

Def Jams

I fucking love def jams. Just like modern art (which I also love) def jams can be spectacular or they can blow, but I love that they exist. Here is a sampling of my favorites so far...

Stacyann Chin - Feminist or Womanist?

Ishle Park - Pussy

Kendra Urdang - To Every Man Who Never Called Himself a Feminist

And more:

Suheir Hammad - We Spent The 4th Of July In Bed

Cameron Bartolini, Ullses Dorantes, Isaac Miller - This is For You

Lisa Arnold - I'm Not Anti-Feminism

Shihan - Sick and Tired

Frenchie - Fuckin' Ain't Conscious

Andrea Gibson - Blue Blanket

Erykah Badu - Friends, fans and artists must meet, which one are you and which one are me?

Dave Chappelle - Fuck Ashton Kutcher and How I Got the Lead on Jeapordy

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