Sunday, November 25, 2007

No babies please, they're not eco friendly

Via Daily Mail

Reading places like Feministing, where so many women are not procreators, sometimes I forget about the response we receive out in the "real world."

Yes, I am one of these women too. Not primarily because of eco concerns, although those perspectives have crossed my path, for me it's simply, I don't think I WANT children, period. But it still amazes me just how hostile some people are to this notion. Just look at the comments at Digg. Fox News also had a blurb on it, and I think I'm thanking the gods that they don't include commenters on their website...

What I continually don't get is what people find so threatening about this woman and women like her. So we don't like kids, so what? So we look at an over populated Earth and think, you know, I don't think I should add to that. So maybe we look at ourselves and decide that our life would change in ways we don't want to have children. For whatever reason (and does the reason really matter? There are people who have issue with it no matter what...) we just don't want children. How does that make us "crazy" or "stupid"?

The comments at The Daily Mail were slightly better, but still seem to be torn 50/50 people thinking she's on to something or looney.

This woman has her beliefs, she's active in pursuing them, and was sterilized as quickly as she could be in conjunction with them. Her belief is grounded in a rational system (whether you agree with it or not) and her actions are consistent with that stated perspective, what else do you people want?

Is someone choosing to be different for reasons you don't agree with really THAT scary?


  1. Because women aren't supposed to want anything more than having kids. When men have the same childfree attitude, nobody bats an eyelash.

  2. well, it mentioned abortion, so i'm sure some people didn't actually get anything else out of the article. and i'm inclined to say that people being different really is that scary to a lot of people.

    it seems like this also goes with the strange idea that having a kid only involves a woman. because people seem a lot more upset about a woman choosing to be sterile than a man (granted, it's a more serious surgery). but it reeks of the idea that men are free to have sex without consequences, but not women.

  3. "well, it mentioned abortion, so i'm sure some people didn't actually get anything else out of the article."

    Jesus, that's so true and so fucking pathetic.

    compartments, I know! I really don't think anyone would bat an eyelash at a man saying he didn't want to have children, I don't think most people would even ask WHY!

  4. Well... honestly it does seem odd to me for a woman to not want kids.. but look at me.. virtual baby-maker. So, yes, I admit I have bias. :P Doesn't mean I can't respect another woman's personal liberty to live her life the way she feels and believes is important to her though.


  5. :P

    *patpats reproductivity center*

    That I am. :P

  6. Here via Feministe.

    I think the whole thing is indicative of women having to explain our choices, whatever they are, to the WHOLE WORLD, and then the judgment on that justification coming down on How We Want Women To Behave. In this case, it's not even that women who don't want kids are "unfeminine" or whatever, then they're also Crazy Hippies for caring about the environment.

    There doesn't have to be any reason attached to "I'm not having kids." As far as I think anyone should be concerned, "I hate stupid plastic toys" is a perfectly valid reason for not having kids, it's just not anyone's business. I think a discussion on the environmental impact of overpopulation is totally appropriate, but that still turns into a moral judgment on women for our reproductive choices. UGH.


  7. I get the "you'll change your mind" line all the time, and I know that, until I am old enough to get sterilized, I probably will continue to get it when I tell people I don't want babies. And I find it infuriating that there is an upper age limit that isn't 18 for getting sterilized.

    This was the most disturbing part of that article for me, however: "While some might think it strange to celebrate the reversal of nature and denial of motherhood..."

    I am not merely my body, and motherhood is not my ultimate destiny. I don't care what people say about biological clocks and maternal instinct.

    Also, I saw this website well after I decided I don't really like kids, but it's interesting nonetheless:


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