Monday, November 12, 2007

Further Thoughts on Privilege

I can tell already, that this topic is going to be one which will continue to evolve. There is much thought, contemplation, musing and reflection that is going to go into this topic over, gods know how long. An aspect that has stuck in my head after reading another WoC blog where a white feminist ran into similar issues in the comments as I did, is that PoC do not (according to the commenters I read) feel comfortable expressing themselves, unless they are in a group. That revelation was rather profound to me. I have never felt intimidated to express my opinion by anything. Ever. Being derided for my opinions, being mocked for my questions, that didn't stop me. It never stopped me. Contemplating this rather subconsciously for days, has resulted in this expression of articulated sentiment, scribbled quickly before it vanished, as I sit and watch my second lecture by bell hooks, whom I just discovered had such things up on youtube and her website this very night.

And so, much shorter than that introduction, I say this to you, any women of color who read this blog, or who stumble across it, or come to it from the conversation that started my contemplations...

If I disagree with something I see written, I disagree because I am thinking about the topic. I express my disagreement, or critiques, or agreements, because it is my right to do so. It is YOUR right too (!!!) and I expect you to express it (know, KNOW that I believe this, and want it from you). Though I know, I take for granted that I have always known I can disagree and cannot fully appreciate that this is -not- your life experience.

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  1. I'm interested in reading more about your thoughts on this. :D

    Here are some of mine.. finally dusting off my own blogger... ^-^

    You have inspired me.



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