Friday, November 02, 2007


Apparently this word is sweeping the nation! (I heard it started on Grey's Anatomy?)

So here's my thing with this word, and really, other pet names.

I don't have a problem with nick- or pet names for things on principle. I have nicknames for things. Even my own vagina (I go with "vaj").

Here's my thing with "vajayjay" though. Isn't it rather infantalizing?

The only reason I can see to use it, is to make the vagina seem less "scary." Like when you're a kid and these medical terms seem intimidating, or the bits and pieces you're talking about are "naughty." I've been there, I tried to find a euphemism I liked for quite a while. Until I realized the function of euphemisms. Should I, a grown woman, be intimidated by my own cunt? Do I think my vagina is naughty? Or something to be embarrassed by or ashamed of?


And so, I can't get behind these "cute" names for our vulvas/vaginas. It creates a protective barrier against knowledge, against grokking, of our parts. That's just not something I can support.


  1. Do you think "pee pee" is a similarly infantile "pet" name for genitalia?

    *Shrugs* I can't see myself ever using the word "vajayjay", but I'm not sure why it's such a big deal. Kind of bizarre, but doesn't seem particularly offensive.

    As an aside, I really do have to thank you for linking me over to the "I Blame the Patrarichy" website. The blog is hilarious, and the webforum even more so. That probably wasn't your intent, but you should feel glad that I've greatly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  2. Yep, I feel the same way about that word as well.

    It's a big enough deal for me to have an opinion on because language is powerful in constructing how we see and experience the world, and how others do through us.

    You're welcome, I find that blog to be rather extreme myself, but it's definitely interesting.

  3. OK, at least you're consistent here.

    I agree that language is indeed powerful in shaping society. This seems like a rather minor issue.

    The forum, I think, is more fun. I was recently informed rather primly that "society is VIOLENTLY pro-rape". Heh, I found it fascinating how quickly they ban people, even when they don't curse or call anyone names, or do anything - just ask honest questions. I suppose it isn't really an open forum, though.

  4. Nope, they don't run it as an open forum at all. It's definitely focused for one kind of audience.

  5. haha so true apart from being very smart you are also very funny


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