Thursday, November 01, 2007

A forwarded forward of a forward

Via Essin' Em's blog

"I'm collaborating with the Lesbian Sex and Sexuality docu-series on Here gay and lesbian TV and will be doing commentary about women's sexuality issues.

*I'm looking for female sex workers who've had female clients, or women who've paid other women for sex work.* In other words, women who've been paid by other women for a sexual service (prostitution, sensual massage, fetish/dominatrix work). So far, we haven't found any, and I'll be talking about what this gender difference regarding sex work is.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS on to women who are involved in sex work or studying sex work in North America (especially NYC and San Fran). Any woman with something to say should please contact me ASAP at dianysia at gmail dot com with "Lesbian Sex Work" in the subject line. You could just give me input and leads, or be willing to speak on camera about your experience with female sex work clients, or as a sex worker with a lesbian personal life and male client base. Please also contact me if you have other ideas of where to look.

Diana Adams, Esq.

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