Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Health Care

I'm watching Michael Moore's "Sicko" right now. I'm 45 minutes in and I'm already ready to scream at the top of my lungs and I've already cried once.

People can say what they want to about him. But you know what, he'll compile facts like nobodies business, and you CAN come to your own conclusions watching his movies.

So far though, this one has nothing I can disagree with. The health care system in this country is DISGUSTING. It's FUCKING IMMORAL. Let me say that again just cuz, I feel like it should be said again. Our health care system is FUCKING IM-MOR-AL.

If you hate Moore, but haven't bothered to watch the movie, don't bother to comment, I will rip you a new asshole, and I might delete it.

Oh and did you know that people burned effigies of Hillary Clinton for her advocating for Universal Health Care for us? Isn't that nice? What a beautiful country we live in...

OMFG he's in England right now and everyone is LAUGHING at him when he asks them when do they have to pay for their stuff. Maternity, ER, they're fucking LAUGHING.

AND! There is a "cashier" who GIVES YOU MONEY if you had to pay for transportation to get to or from the hospital. o.O

And, what a concept, their doctors get paid more if their patients are healthy and getting healthier, instead of denying them treatment to save insurance companies money.

...The man who runs the largest anti-Michael Moore website had to shut it down because they couldn't afford his wife's medical treatment...While MM was busy making this movie... So MM wrote a check to cover her costs and sent it to them anonymously... Wow.


  1. Yes, it was a great film...It made me thank my lucky stars that I have the privilege of a universal healthcare system up North.(That is, until our pesky Conservatives have their way. I'm sure they're plotting as we speak! he he he!)

  2. Yep, you always have to watch out for those, unfortunately.


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