Sunday, November 04, 2007

Idealogical rhetoric on dominant reality perceptions

So Dizzy at Ornamenting Away has done it again. First, she wrote one of my favorite posts of all time, I'm actually surprised I haven't put it up before, but I saved it in my bookmarks for inclusion at Genuine Women. It's not a feminism 101 post, but, they can't all be.

But we were talking about what she's done again. She's once again voiced something that has been sitting in my subconscious, nagging at me. It would have formed into a coherent post at some point, but she did it first. In it she's discussing her own blog, for me, since I post in a lot of different places it's not quite that specific, but I've seen these folks all over. So, without further ado, alongside of the already introduced Fucking Pedantic Asshole I give you the Freshmen.

It appears that my blog (and many like it) has become akin to an intro women’s studies class where a few tardy, unprepared, dialogue-dominating, self-righteous freshman boys, who are taking it in order to get what they think will be an easy A and to sharpen their debate skills, only listen to female voices in anticipation of finding a faulty theoretical argument to attack and use against them.
Perhaps the Freshmen, as I will call them, think feminism is just a debate topic. An academic exercise. A set of well-defined theories, held uniformly by all of it proponents, for them to intellectually process and refute. And I’m getting the sense that they think women experience it that way too.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I experience feminism through my revulsion to popular misogyny.
This has nothing to do with intellectual processing, everything to do with my aversion to being instructed to hate myself and my refusal to accept that women are peripheral to the human experience. Feminist theories on gender and patriarchy have given me the ability and the language needed to put it all into perspective, but the raw, unfiltered physical reaction I have to such messages, along with the resounding ‘Fuck Yeah!’ feeling I get when someone voices a frustration that I haven’t been able to put words to – those are the things that make me a feminist.

That is so right on. It's not an academic exercise, it's an EXPERIENCE, it's a feeling, it's a gut reaction. And I had to laugh at myself, because once again I unearthed another piece to the puzzle. I have been trying to engage these people in their own way. Once again letting patriarchy dictate the rules of our interactions, when I knew there was something off about it. And this was it, this was it right here. It's no wonder that sometimes I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall, their speaking from a world view of academic exercise, and I'm speaking from intrinsic personal experiencing and feeling.

You rock Dizzy.

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