Monday, July 21, 2008

Astrobarry Takes on Obama

...Obama is neither our worst fear nor our greatest hope. He's merely a man. But if we were to examine the astrology behind Obama's uncanny ability to appear as what we collectively most yearn for or bristle at, we wouldn't have to look very far before finding one huge obvious clue—his Leo Sun squares Neptune.

The Leo Sun itself isn't exactly a surprise. This is a quintessential rock-star placement, the Sun in its ruling sign a big shining light of personality standing front-and-center, sharing its brilliance with the world. Bill Clinton, our last Leo Sun president, certainly has a similarly noteworthy charisma to him (so much so that, as we all know, it actually gets him into much trouble). And George W. Bush has a Leo rising, giving him enough superficial likeability to get himself elected on the voter belief he'd be a more fun guy to knock back a beer with than stodgy ol' Al Gore.

But when the Leo Sun squares Neptune, however, that purest light of ego-self (Sun) is interfered with by a mystifying cloud of fog we can only partially see through (Neptune)… leaving us to fill in specific blanks with what we wish to see, or what we wish not to see. Individuals born with a Sun-Neptune square often possess a hard-to-read quality, their sense of self somewhat obscured by context—who they're with, what they're trying to get across, how they're feeling that day. Neptune, after all, seeks to dissolve ego boundaries, causing it to become less clear where another person actually ends… and where our own investments in who we imagine them to be (the good or the bad) begins.
Obama's Sun-Neptune square, of course, also has its ramifications for our trying to get a good handle on what he really believes. In Obama's chart, Neptune falls in the 9th house, the domain of our personal ethical and religious beliefs… and judged on the Sun square, it does seem that ambiguous or inconsistent stances on such 9th-house issues have the potential to unsettle Obama's sense of leadership. The Reverend Wright controversy, in which Obama drew criticism for tacitly endorsing his clergyman's 'angry Black man' politics through silent witness, is a perfect example of this. The Neptunian connectedness Obama felt from participating in Wright's church undermined his ability to clearly express his own personal views as distinct from others'. This won't be the last time we're offered a perplexing glimpse at Obama's ever-shifting moral compass—not because he's a bad guy, but because he's an idealist who legitimately wants to bring everyone together. Alas, some differences are real, substantive and unbridgeable.

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  1. OMG! I didn't even know he was a LEO, how perfect is that?

    Yes, the rock star sign, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jerry Garcia, Lucille Ball, etc... you will NOT ignore them! :)

  2. I'm a Leo!

    Only makes me like him more. ;)


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