Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LaVena Johnson - Another GI's Rape and Murder Covered Up

When Dr John Johnson finally brought himself to look at the slain body of his beautiful 19-year-old daughter flown home from Iraq, he knew immediately he was looking at murder. This was no suicide from a self-inflicted M-16 wound, as the military would later claim.

The Johnsons are still fighting for answers. It was only recently, when they met anti-war activist Retired Colonel Ann Wright, that there has been a flicker of movement. Her contacts got Dr Johnson an audience with Congress. Since then, he's received word that LaVena's case may make it on to the congressional agenda.

Tragically, the Johnson family are not alone.

This is no single aberrant case. John Johnson has discovered far more stories that have matched his daughter's than he ever wanted to know. Ten other families of "suicide" female soldiers have contacted him. The common thread among them - rape.

Via and h/t to Cara

To learn more, like what you can do to get this case taken seriously, check out What About Our Daughters? and this online petition. We have got to stop the rapes and murders of our servicewomen, and it appears when they are anything but blonde haired white women, we won't be able to count on anyone but ourselves.

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