Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama New Yorker Cover

Michelle Obama Watch has a selective roundup of blogs responding to the recent New Yorker cover that's causing responses all across the blogosphere. For any who have missed this, here it is:

I gotta be honest y'all. I find this cover hilarious. Hilarious in a dark, cynical, omfg some people in this country are such unbelievable fucking idiots, kind of way. The New Yorker says it's satire. And I can see that.

I also get why people are pissed off. And I think Jake Tapper is probably right on the money when he says "It’s a recruitment poster for the right-wing." (h/t to Jill for that link). And I think the Anxious Black Woman is also right when she asks, "...are we, as a nation, truly sophisticated enough to make these kinds of jokes?...although it would seem absurd for Fox News to confuse the love fist jab as some kind of "terrorist gang sign," and, therefore, quite appropriate for the New Yorker to poke fun at their stupidity, how many did take this news account seriously?" [Emphasis mine]

That being the case, it only makes me like the cover more. And makes me despair for my country.


Black Amazon put up a post in regards to this cover today also, and touched on another aspect of it that I felt but didn't articulate here.

That is, the root of my despair. It's not just that people are so fucking stupid that they believe these lies propagated by Fox news and friends. It's the lies themselves that are depressing.

This the scariest shit Fox & Co. can think of? He's a muslim and she's a revolutionary with THE DREADED FRO?! Really?!?! This is what TERRIFIES people?

How fucking sad is that?

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