Monday, July 28, 2008

This semester's courses

So I thought y'all might be interested to see what I'll be taking this coming semester, my first full time being back in school for two and a half years (it wasn't supposed to be this way). I am really excited, and credit-wise am well into my Junior year. I'm taking the intro course because it's required for the major, and it wasn't offered at my JC where I took my first Womens Studies course, a history class.

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Pretty self explanatory.

Gender, Race and Nation
Through an interdisciplinary perspective, examines the politics of representing women and gender through differences of race, class, sexuality, nation and state. Focuses on feminist and related social movements including US women of color.

Women and Media
Analytic modes, including feminist, psychoanalytic, and economic criticism, to assess both how women are represented in mass media and the status of women employed in mass media.

Gender and the Culture of War
Using historical, theoretical, fictional and cultural texts, students discuss political, cultural and ideological configurations of war in conjunction with case studies of men/women’s involvement in different violent conflicts.

Lesbian, Queer and Transgender Identities
Examination of lesbian, queer, and transgender identities in cultural and historical contexts. Using a transnational feminist approach, presents a challenge to Western assumptions about sexual identities and analysis of sexuality through nation, gender, race and class.

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