Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad news

I was just told by my father that his mother has cancer of the pancreas and liver.

Things are very much up in the air right now, but the words he used in talking to me lead me to believe she may be dead very soon.

This is not something I was remotely prepared for, as she is the youngest of my grand parents, and healthy. She already beat breast cancer in her life, before I was born. I figured that was it for her.

I'm semi in shock semi coming to terms semi in denial semi...crying.

I don't know how this will or won't effect my blogging. But I know I have some readers, and wanted you to know what was going on if I randomly disappear...or start working overtime.


  1. I know that we dont really know each other, but I just wanted to send you a hug, so *hug*

  2. like the person above said...hug.

  3. Third round of (((hugs))) and I'm so very sorry.

  4. much love to you and her.

  5. Thank you everyone. I went and saw her that day, she was lucid and as awesome as ever. Husband and I got to have dinner with my dad, uncle and step mom. That was nice. And then we smoked my grandma out for the first time. lol. My husband was tripping out at smoking with my family, I wasn't entirely surprised by it though. We left soon after, but I truly hope it helped with her discomfort and nausea, she looked thin...


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