Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hear Us Roar

Via Essin' Em I got word of this new collection of survivor's stories being gathered.

Many women have had similar defining moments in life—a sudden or gentle awakening where something unmistakable happens: a woman’s experience of herself shifts from powerless to powerful, from whispering her worth…to roaring.

Hear Us Roar! is a collection of auto-biographical stories, like Andrea’s, that celebrate the vitality, strength, and power of women across the globe. Our goal is to collect stories from 100 women by July 31, 2008, publish them in a book by the end of the year, and raise $100,000 from book sales to be donated to charity by June 2009.

Are you ready to roar? Do you know someone else who is? For more information, and to submit your story online, please visit the Tell Your Story page.

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