Saturday, July 12, 2008

Line is at it again

Caroline from Uncool is at it again, being informative and making me laugh.

You may find that some of these arguments bear little to no resemblance to anything you've read from us 'pro-porners'. Here's why:

"Caroline from ‘Un-Cool’, huh? Oh, I completely ignore her fucking blog! Just like I ignore all the stupid pro-porny “sex-poz” blogs now…" Maggie Hays


The pro-porners we meet online are so easy to avoid or dismiss when we want to ignore them (thank fuck for that) Maggie Hays

Eee, the lamitch! as my Gran would say. But yes, in short Maggie isn't engaging with that which disagrees with her. Personally, I find it astonishing that anyone would proudly display their ignorance like that. And why, knowing that when she clearly states it, would anyone bother to take her seriously? She's said she hasn't researched into anything that disagrees with her, so why on earth does it matter what she would say to these imaginary arguments?

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