Monday, July 14, 2008

Christians Offended by Proselytizing?

I cannot express how amusing I find this story.

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion reports on a Christian community that is offended and "fearful" about having another faith's beliefs "imposed" on them!

"An English translation of the Quran began appearing two weeks ago on the doorsteps of hundred of homes in the BraesTimbers neighborhood. The books came in plastic bags with a note attached from the ‘Book of Signs Foundation’ asking recipients to accept the Quran as a gift from the Muslim community. But some residents, like Greg and Sue Ann Pieri, said they feared the group is imposing its beliefs on non-Muslims and found the gesture offensive."

Oh noes! People sharing their faith with us how dare they! What makes them think this is ok?!?!


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  1. An excellent gesture. Of course, with such 'assaults through religion' and this 'imposing other relgions' argument I am sure that these people will also complain should they find a bible in their next motel room?


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