Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Week Another Roundup

victim blaming shrouded in sympathy

Sotomayor: Still Under Attack with New Old Stereotypes

words, where are you?

Voices from Sex Workers

Shell VS Nigerian Activists

world on your shoulders

‘Men Live Better Where Women Are In Charge’

lumbee recognition on the way?

Disability Is Felt By Children

Activist Convicted for Leaving Water Jugs for Migrants

KRXQ Losing Sponsors: Update

A Statue Of Ronald Reagan Does Not Make Us All Happy

June 4, 1989

My Great Recession: Being a Poor Mama

Woman jailed because she is pregnant and HIV-positive

Immigration: Not All Families Deserve Unity

Oakland City Council adopted a plan last night to issue municipal identification cards to illegal immigrants.

Another Trans Person Shot in Memphis

When the Deeply Personal Becomes Deeply Political
But for what real reasons would a woman and her family require the services provided by a specialized clinic such as Dr. Tiller’s, or, here in Canada, the one run by Dr. Garson Romalis?

A primary one would be fetal anomalies.

A Look at Migrant Detention Under President Obama

The Relationship: Pregnancy, Abortion, Faith, Violence

Animal Research

Don’t Look for Me at Pride This Year

(Re)thinking Running

Puerto Rico en la Marcha : Over 100,000 March Against Layoffs, Form New Coalition

15 Year Old Rape Victim Gets No Justice In Boward

At least 35 killed in fire at Mexican day care center

Pondering the acceptance of the unacceptable…

Update: Will SCOTUS Save the Peaks?

After reading this article, castration indeed has begun to look appealing.

Dear animal rights activists, please stop taking your cues from the anti-choice movement

Try To See It My Way: Being Fair in Love and Marriage