Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gratuitous Hot Men of Color

Shortly after my post about my concern over my taste for white men, I saw a picture that made me go, "hmmm, there are some MOC I find attractive, maybe I should take stock of them..." I haven't done a post of gratuitous hot men for well over a year. And let me be clear here, this isn't just "guys I intellectually understand to be attractive" there are plenty of those. These are guys that I think are HOT, as in; who have at times made me flat out horny.


The original picture in question was posted at Sylvia's tumblr (not usually up for gay male porn as a turn on, but you know, apparently I'll make an exception for this slash fiction):

Yah, Sendhil Ramamurthy (no matter how annoying Mohinder has sadly become) is really fucking hot, from looks to voice to attitude. But since Zachary Quinto takes up the majority of that picture, here's another...

Then we have another long time favorite, Daniel Sunjata, "Franco" on Rescue Me.

In the last season of Heroes, Ando started coming into his own and being his own assertive character. And suddenly I found him increasingly hot. So, James Kyson Lee.

The always classic Zach de la Rocha

Gary Dourdan (last I watched it, he was still playing "Warick" on CSI, but I heard he quit).

This list is pretty short... But it's a start.