Friday, June 05, 2009

SPEAK! Listening Party in Long Beach, CA!

Via Feministe

On Sunday, June 14th, Petit Poussin, Christine, and I will be hosting a listening party from 2-5. As we listen to the CD, you’ll be able to participate in discussion and respond by making your own media, whether it’s visual art, handwritten text, a zine, blogging or twittering, or whatever combination of the above you can come up with. Afterwards, we’ll sit down to a potluck dinner. CDs will be available for sale - remember that all proceeds go towards getting single mothers to the Allied Media Conference next month.
Address available upon RSVP. A quick warning for people with allergies: a friendly medium-haired cat will be present.
RSVP to modernmitzvot at yahoo com or ppoussin at gmail com!