Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A+ Links!

tales of adventure and burnt sugar pomade: some starfleet hair.
Things a starfleet officer might do if they had dreads and wanted to wear their hair in an updo

Feministe: Name That Quote

Safer: Rape at Abu Ghraib (not “rape”)

Womanist Musings: Trimming The Bush To Make The Tree Look Taller

stuff white people do: hang back like boo radley during discussions of race

Transgriot: The Freezer Project

Feminist Review: Men and Feminism

SCOTUS Blog: Judge Sotomayor and Race — Results from the Full Data Set

Womanist Musings: Is Teaching Children that "All Black People Should Die" Abuse?

raven's eye: accountability
how do we deal with abusers and perpetrators without involving the cops?

what responsibilities do event organizers have to survivors of violence and abuse? how should these responsibilities manifest in action?

Feministe: Maricopa County Allegedly Fails to Investigate Sexual Assault Cases

elle, phd: Why Your Community Ain't Like Mine

Womanist Musings: Armed Robbery For Insulin

stuff white people do: raise their children in isolation from people of color

Transgriot: TBLG Discrimination Protections Voted Down in Shelby County, TN Commission Committee

Frontal Cortex: Judicial Empathy
It is incoherent to say that a judge should base an opinion on reason and not emotion because emotions are an inherent part of decision-making. Emotions are the processes we use to assign value to different possibilities.

Radical Vixen: Winter Soldier Testimony
Memorial Day Special…Winter Soldier on the Hill: War Vets Testify Before Congress

Womanist Musings: Slavery 101: Clearing up some misconceptions.

Change Happens: Britain to Ask Rape Victims About Police and Court Failure

Vivir Latino: Feminism, Latinidad and Silence : Ain’t Sotomayor a Woman?

Daily Kos: Suspect Identified in Tiller Assassination

NY Times: Off-Duty Officer Is Fatally Shot by Police in Harlem

Feministe: Who Killed George Tiller?
Some pro-life groups are issuing statements of condemnation and attempting to paint this murder as the work of an extremist. But this latest act of terrorism is, sadly, not an anomaly. It is part of a clearly-established pattern of harassment, intimidation and violence against abortion providers and pro-choice individuals. And mainstream pro-life groups shoulder much of the blame.

BBC: Anti-abortion and violence in the US
The killing of an abortion doctor has once again highlighted the aggressive and emotional nature of the abortion debate in the US. Why does the issue elicit such a strong response compared to countries such as the UK?

The Wild Hunt: Will SCOTUS Save the Peaks?
The Supreme Court is holding a private conference this Thursday to decide if they will review a recent decision in the ongoing legal battle between a coalition of 13 Native American Tribal Nations (and various environmental groups) and the National Forest Service (and a ski resort) over the use of treated (but non-potable) wastewater snow on the San Francisco Peaks.

Ultraviolet: Poster Colours
SOME OF YOU have asked how you can help in the campaign against the attacks on women in Mangalore and Bangalore. Running a poster campaign in your neighborhood, college or office is a quick and easy way. Here are some posters I’ve received from different organizations.

Vivir Latino: Chile Launches Abortion Hotline
In Chile, where abortion is illegal in all cases, a network of feminist organizations launched a hotline that will give women information about Misoprostol, a drug available in Chile by prescription to treat gastric ulcers, to safely and effectively induce abortion.

Pàganachd Bhandia: Suirbhé Mór na Gaeilge / The Big Irish Language Survey

flip flopping joy: rethinking walking: taking up space

guerrilla mama medicine: the justifications of the torturer

stuff white people do: wonder what the sex is like in interracial relationships

A sex-positive Carnival of Socialism!

Restructure! A “safe space” for Whites to talk about race is unsafe for people of colour.

UltraViolet: Parsi By Patriarchy

stuff white people do: perpetually think of asian americans as foreigners

Rolling Ruminations: Welcome to The White Privilege & the Ummah Carnival: What Does it Mean to You, Them and Us?

Combat Queer: Apes, Racist Language, The Army, And Mildew
So, tonight one of my officers called President Obama an ape.