Monday, June 01, 2009


Maybe No one Gives a Fuck About the Latina Mami’Hood.

I read this post and my heart broke all over again for the Speak! womyn.

I'd been meaning to buy a cd since it came out, but we kept having money problems and honestly we still are but I got a bit of spending money from my dad during the Vegas trip and decided, yes, I need to have Speak!

So I bought it tonight.

Obviously then I haven't listened to it yet (although Julie has!), but I'm encouraging you again my readers, to BUY IT, because the organizers/performers still haven't yet raised enough money to send the three involved single RWOC mothers to AMC.

Twelve bucks isn't THAT much, even in these times. Scrounge those pennies, I know in my bones it's worth it. And we should be supporting each other, right?

Isn't that what feminism is about?

Or are we going to let them throw another party and keep not showing up?

If you can't take mine and mamita mala's words for it, then read what bfp had to say.