Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My weekly Round up of interesting links from the last week!

ICE to Receive Expanded Powers in Drug Offenses

The Obamas: Just like us!

Salon Says Your Disabling Pain is Imaginary

Immigrant woman’s baby taken away because she couldn’t communicate with hospital staff

Venezuela, in 2002, Pioneered the Events in Iran in 2009

Test That Found Widespread Unconscious Racial Bias Validated

But We’re Not Talking About Blacks

What Are The Yogyakarta Principles?

Bad Apples in A Decaying Orchard

Court Sticks Mom of 4 with 2 Million Dollar Fine for File-sharing

64 Word For Aung San Suu Kyi

fluency and coalition
We as a society give so much more credit to a white person who is fluent in a third world or people of color language, cultural style and lifestyle than we give to a person of color or third world person who learns intimately a white person’s language and cultural style.

as far as the world is concerned, its almost like it didnt happen. for gazans, its like it never ended

Invisible People

Immigrant Narratives : Choose Your Mother or Your Child

non-violence, palestine, and land

Banning the Burqa in France

Feminism: The White Women Are Chatting

WOC erasure at Civil Rights game

some posts about the iranian protests

Publishing from the Margins

excerpts from cynthia mckinney

simple health care

No Country for Men and Fathers?

Unauthorized Youth Rise Against Oppression Nationwide