Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iranian Election Protests

via my Tumblr blog (via Cara, via Sylvia)

daily kos and other news outlets are reporting that mousavi, the candidate who ran against ajmadinejad, has been put under house arrest. other reports say they haven’t been able to confirm the arrest. kos is also reporting that telephone communication between tehran and the rest of iran has been completely disconnected, corresponding with the beginning of the arrests of the opposition.
tehranbureau is a collection of reports from iranian citizens on the ground in tehran and is being updated regularly. currently reporting between 50-100 dead in post-election protests. “Police on motorcycles beating people as drive by; attacking women.”
everything right now is rumors, hearsay, has not been confirmed, we’re not really sure. nobody knows what’s happening. or what happened with the election. or what will happen if these riots continue.