Tuesday, June 09, 2009

People I Love Who Have Done Shit I Hate...2!

Last time we talked about Seth Rogen and Nathan Fillion. Two actors who I like quite a lot generally speaking, who had both recently done work I thought was absolutely horrifying.

Well, it's time for another edition. Who is the star this time? Rainn Wilson.

In a series of tweets earlier today Rainn recounted the people he has offended since taking up Twitter, and how this number displayed his twitterific success.

in 2 mos on twitter i've offended: hippies, rape victims, Christians, veterans and fans of 'Kings of Leon'. Must be doing something right.

You might think at first that this hippy is going to bitch about him insulting hippies. Oh no no, I'm used to that part of my identity being hated on. No, I saw this tweet and went "...rape victims??" Well, being the ever helpful wench that she is, Cara pointed me to the right post.

Pretty hungry after a long days shoot. Gonna go home and date rape some leftovers.

What, the, fuck?


Why is this still ok people? How is it funny? Rape isn't funny. Using the word flippantly like this isn't funny, it's triggering.

Now I don't know how I missed this in the first place, but I did.

But here it is now, and not only that but apparently it's something to be bragged about?

And then....

Oh, and transsexuals and geriatrics. And twidiots everywhere. And Ed Asner. And mice.

Transgender people too, eh? I missed this one too (apparently I am at times a very inattentive Twit). But, geez. Really?

It's just so frustrating, and like I twittered, moreso because I don't think Rainn Wilson is just a big douche. I don't. It'd be easier if I thought he was. But no, and yet here he is, acting like a huge one, and bragging, BRAGGING about it.

I realize that people are bound to disappoint us... I'm sure I'll at some point trip over my own ingrained racism or ableism or some other ism. We've all got that. And I would expect if others saw such a thing for them to call me out on it.

So where do we draw the line? What do we overlook because we know everyone is imperfect (or do we)? And when it comes to pop culture like this, do we forgo someone whose work we like because of stumbling moments like this? Should we? Is it a function of privilege that we do or don't?

I don't know. I struggle with drawing that line. I know I'm not going to boycott The Office (though I boycotted Observe and Report) and I will still generally see Seth Rogen movies and anything Nathan Fillion is in. And sure, I post about this stuff, I'll call people I like out for doing fucked up things, and I twittered my displeasure to Rainn. Is that all we can do?

I just don't know. But here it is. Another someone I like who did something I hate.