Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute

This one was passed on by my step mom:
UPCOMING SEMINARS — June 19-21 2009

Crumbling the Myth of The Gift- Deconstructing Donor Denial & Dismantling The Non-Profit Industrial Complex... One outcome at a Time!

June 19 - 6-7:30pm Juneteenth Opening Ceremony/Performance
RPMJ Resistance in Film Series 7:30-9pm
June 20 - 10am-5pm Change sessions-
RPMJ Resistance in Film Series 6-9pm
June 21 - 10am-4pm Change sessions & Closing Ceremony

A three day intensive seminar, "Revolutionary Change Session" offered by the Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute (RPMJ) at POOR Magazine. This session is designed for conscious folk with race, class and/or education privilege from across the globe who are interested in exploring. implementing and practicing truly revolutionary expressions of giving, equity sharing and change-making.

How is wealth distributed across the Globe? Who actively decides how and where resources go? And how does one actually de-fund the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. As conscious peoples questioning, working on or actively participating in the just redistribution of resources, it is time to practice a new model of equity- sharing, financial decision-making and resource division.

The Revolutionary Change Session will be a three day intensive moment in herstory aimed at cleansing, shaking, enervating, reinvigorating, de-bullshit-izing, un-entangling, bringing you to back to your own truth/spirit and real-ness, life-changing session.

We will deconstruct the lies intrinsic in philanthropy, reconstruct the truths of humanity, care-giving, sharing and community and practice a new form of equity sharing we at POOR Magazine call, Revolutionary Giving.